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Line 30: Line 30:
   sudo mkdir /var/airsonic/   sudo mkdir /var/airsonic/
   sudo chown -R $USER:$USER /var/airsonic/   sudo chown -R $USER:$USER /var/airsonic/
 +  cd /var/airsonic/
   ln -s /home/nextclouddata/username/files/Music/Masters music   ln -s /home/nextclouddata/username/files/Music/Masters music
   sudo systemctl stop tomcat9.service   sudo systemctl stop tomcat9.service
Line 39: Line 40:
   localhost:8081   localhost:8081
 +Or, if you need to set up your instance for external access and already set up LAMP or FEMP or something equivalently secure, then you would navigate to:
-If you already have a proper domain setupthen consider a virtual host for your reverse proxy as follows: [[|Air Sonic virtual host config]].+PersonallyI do leverage external access and I use apache and these virtual host configurations [[|Air Sonic Virtual Host Configuration Examples]].
 Peace all … oemb1905 #freesoftware #gnulinux #debian Peace all … oemb1905 #freesoftware #gnulinux #debian
- --- //[[|oemb1905]] 2019/12/30 04:38//+ --- //[[|oemb1905]] 2020/05/06 15:38//
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